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December 30 2013


Street Legal Cars - the focus is on the speed

The manufacturers of street legal cars are definitely targeting adventurous individuals who want to demonstrate a high class status. The question is how to know what kind of a vehicle matches your personality? In the segment of fast cars, the look is not that important. In many cases the sports vehicle is highlighted by its distinctive athletic form, but sometimes these cars look weird.

A perfect example is the KTM X-BOW prototype. Here are some significant characteristics of the genuine fast sprinter on the road: power-to-weight ratio, capacity, time to 60 mph, number of doors and seats.

Street legal cars

Let`s start with the measurement between mass and power. The ratio contains information about the real performance of the car. Everyone knows that supercars combine supreme speed and striking acceleration on the road. But the important is the specific power. It is thought the basic feature of high-performance cars. Which means that the vehicle has a sensational performance. Nissan GT-R for example features an outstanding specific power output. The lowest output of a powertrain relative to its mass has been achieved by Porsche designers who created the 911 GT version.

The mass-to-power correlation is the most important for the definition of the Pagani Zonda, Lamborghini Aventador and Aston Martin One-77 as fast cars. We can find the best HP/LBS ratio in Bugatti Veyron Vitesse which W16 engine produces a lot hp per litre. Many car makers are constantly making an effort to exceed this index. Another street legal cars that are capable of 1200 horsepower are the exotic Koenigsegg Agera R and some new versions of Mustang Shelby.

Another essential characteristic of the sports car is the acceleration to 100 km/h. The lower time indicates that the vehicle is fast. One of the fast accelerating exotics is the Venom GT. It needs only 2.5 secs to hit 100 km/h. Sounds really impressive compared to many BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars that are known as performance vehicles but do not feature such a great time to 62 mph.
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